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After the discografic debuts with the Margot and the Clyde that release with him the album Senza Controllo in 2004, Marco Rò starts a solo career and begins to take part, as a singer and as a choralist, in television productions in Rai and Mediaset.

In 2011 he release the album Un Mondo Digitale, Stato D’influenza e Trasparente. The song Un Mondo Digitale has been chosen as the official soundtrack of Global Junior Challenge 2012, occurrence organized by the foundation Mondo Digitale.

In 2014, after a long tour in Russia Marco Rò release the single Mosca Mon Amour in collaboration with Kira Franka.

He has been a guest in the theatre of the district house of Rebibbia in Rome for social initiatives with the opportunity to understand the point of view of the prisoners. The song Immagini a Righe with Marco Conidi talks about these topics.

He has been collaborating for two years with the journalist Laura Tangherlini for A Un Passo Da Qui, a sensitization project about Syrian refugees.

On September of 2017 he release the album A Un Passo Da Qui at the same time of  the publication of the single La Scala Mobile and of the presentation of the song Dune, written and sung with Laura Tangherlini and soundtrack of the book+dvd “Matrimonio Siriano” written and directed by Laura.

The 9th of November Marco Rò introduced the album A Un Passo Da Qui at Billions in Rome.

A Un Passo Da Qui

DATE: 2017

AUTHOR: Marco Rò

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Un Mondo Digitale

DATE: 2011

AUTHOR: Marco Rò

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Senza Controllo

DATE: 2004



DATE: 2002

AUTHOR: Margot